20 December 2008

figma Hatsune Miku

As Optic the figma master has quickly guessed, the box we saw in previous post was figma Miku indeed! I remember being quite hesistant on getting this, but I think it's worth it afterall (despite my pickiness).

figma Hatsune Miku was originally released in September. This one is a December re-release I've got from Hobby Search, and it will be the first and only preorder I will do for a while.

Miku comes with a microphone + mic stand, 2 leeks, an extra face, 4 pairs of standard extra hands, and a figure stand + arm. To my surprise, the joints are even stiffer/sturdier than my figma Fate.

Miku can stand pretty well without the stand. I have a funny feeling that her hair helps to keep her balance (laughs).

A lot of details are put into this figma, be it the colour, clothings, or the headgear.

She has a normal face and a singing face.


A shot with Kawaii!

Double-wielding the deadly leeks. リーキ二刀流?? o_O

Miku is apparently gonna do some leek giveaways.

She gave one to the Guncannon nearby, which seriously confused him...

As for the other leek,
Haruhi: ........

Check out other bloggers' coverage of Miku as they have probably done more creative shots than I have orz

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  • Kyouran Kyodai

    On the other hand,
    I've got figma Shana on the release date! Despite the fact that the top part of her hair is not like the prototype version, it still looks good from what I've peeked so far. Hurray for Hong Kong's distribution efficiency this time~

    1. haha...
      Guncannon with leek...?!!
      why Miku don't give leek to Kawaii??
      (just silly question...just ignore it)

    2. ahahah Guncannon with a leek xD. That is priceless

    3. U got figma Shana before me!? >_<
      *throws leeks at you*
      One of the reasons why I wanted to stay in HK for just a bit longer. -_-
      Nice review. Sadly, my one is still in the box. >_>

    4. I'm awaiting Shana figma, kinda sucks that her hair isn't like the prototype version but oh well.. Miku is one of the best made figma out there right now in my opinion. Thanks for linking to my review in your post ^^

    5. @ Ray:
      Kawaii is just too cute to bully ^^;

      @ Z:
      With Miku's leek it's so powerful that Amuro can't do a thing about it :P

      @ Optic:
      *dodges leeks tirelessly*
      Yea I wish I can arrive home earlier so I can meet you as well. But at least yours is on the way. ^^

      Get Miku out! I'm sure you will have better shots than I do~

      @ Persocom-san:
      No problem~

      I agree that Miku is a high quality figma. I have not heard of breakages or big complaints from people yet.

      Shana's hair is supposed to be one of the selling point. I've yet to open her, but will do so in a day or two.

    6. lol, guncannon + leek & leek microphone were great ^_^ i haven't done many shots with my figmas lately... kinda paranoid of breakage -_-

      ah yes, my gsc miku contest is up if you're interested in a chance to add her to your collection ^_^

    7. Wai wai~ Your collection is just growing~
      Lovely shots.. makes me feel like getting Miku already.. but, my wallet has silenced me ._.

    8. LOL @ leek giveaway. what other funny uses can u think of? ^^

    9. I like the picture of her reaching out.

      Also, I have Shana in shipping atm. I'm a little worried I might not like the front piece of the hair. It seems too much of solid-red from the pictures I've seen. I liked the prototype alot.

    10. There were some creative leek usages involved^^
      And kawaii that lil bugger snuck in once again^__^

    11. @ meronpan:
      Yea I am quite worried about breaking the joints too. Miku has really long sleeves, which makes it difficult for me to remove the hands from the arms, luckily everything's still fine for me~ ^^

      Saw your contest~ Will consider about entering if I can answer your questions!

      @ suki:
      It has been growing indeed. ^^ I should have bought Miku in a local shop if I know that it would be restocked in Hong Kong, but the damage is done -_-

      @ gordon:
      The leek giveaway was a really random idea out of blue. ^^;; I was originally planning to use them for a duel, but I stuck with the giveaway at the end.

      @ ClearTranquil:

      I agree that the solid red for the top part of her hair is kinda strange. Would prefer the promotional sample or even the plain colour prototype. :o

      @ Blowfish:
      I thought that they go well together as they're both aqua-blue~


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