20 November 2008

November Fatigue

It's that time of the year when the day gets shorter and shorter, and yet things get busier and busier as well. Inevitably, I'll get tired over the period, and my mind activity begins to slow down...

And yes, as the picture as hinted, I've recently resumed watching Nanoha, but I've been really slow on it ^^;;

(Warning: Random pictures ahead!)

I'm so tired I'd sleep on an anti-tank mine!
From Battlegroup42 Forum (game mod forum)

I know I shouldn't have taken guard duty today!
(some old Counter-Strike: Source screenshot I took many moons ago)

Allelujah: "Oh noes. My head's spinning..."
Lockon: "Told you not to play so much eroge last night!"

From Random Curiosity

Konata couldn't withstand the might of sleepiness...
From Tedfox

Even Danny the Trooper needs to take a break
From Danny Choo

All I want is a good night sleep without having to worry about anything, just like Vivio sleeping happily with Fate, but one can only hope. ^^;;
Vivio is sooo lucky...
From Meronpan

Even a pat on the head will be a blessing to me already.
Matsuri: Don't worry. You're gonna be fine~
For those who don't know, Matsuri is from anime/manga called Sola.
From Random Curiosity


  1. Yup, I don't feel like doing anything these days. Good thing is that I only have to hold out for 3 more weeks so I can finish up my final exams and go home (wait, is that a good thing?)

  2. I hear you buddy!

    Lately I can't seem to keep my eyes open past 10 o'clock at night!

    Maybe a new Gunpla kit would snap you awake, huh? Hehhe

  3. It's kinda like Konata's May sickness, eh? Though over in November, it is much colder and darker than May in Japan.

  4. Oh November...reminds me of Gotham City. It's always nighttime, and it's always the worst of November.

    I think I'm too busy to realize I'm worn out...last 2 weeks of the semester for me.

  5. Yes, the day is seriously getting shorter. Over here, it's practically pitch black starting at 4 PM! I'm the same as you Q... burned out aha.

  6. @ gndynames:
    East or west, home is best... Or so they say back in the old times.

    @ Apt-1B:
    Hahaha I knew I should have brought my backlog of gunpla over, but I haven't... >_<

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    It is a bit like May sickness indeed, but colder and darker as you said! However the darker days bring the mood down quite a bit as well... -_-

    @ ClearTranquil:
    Too busy to realise the fatigue? Is that a good thing or not??

    @ fudoushin:
    I really need time to refuel (i.e. remotivate). The shorter days does kinda encourage people to end their days quicker -_- ......

  7. I do hope that you can fund th etiem to take it easy, you've wored hard the whole year throughout,so you deserve it ^-^
    **pats head**

    Strange enough, I'm feeling all geared up and been having several late nights.. which will affect me soon ^^;
    I blame the LAN! all I've been doing is playing games, doing art, reading ero-doujins and then catching up with friends...
    It's fun but, will exhaust me in future.

  8. Waking up in the dark and going home in the dark isnt a pleasant thing to do...
    I was really happy that it snowed here and stayed for about 2-3 hours.Thats a pretty rare occasion in my area.I packed my thing and played a bit in the snow. so fun! ^_^

  9. @ suki:

    It's funny, but it's possible to stay up doing things you like while one's supposed to be dead tired. Can't say the same thing to the opposite though...

    @ Blowfish:
    It snowed in Germany? Wow that sounds really fun indeed! All I've got here is just chilly wind and that's it. The sun (if it does come out) doesn't give me much warmth at all. -_-


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