28 September 2008


Due to a change of location since last week, I will not be able to blog or to check other people's blogs until I gain my Internet access in the coming weekend. I apologise for the inconvenience, and will try to get back whenever I have the time.

Can you endure days (or months) without Internet, or has it long been integrated as part of your life?


  1. Take your time theres nothing to rush.It depends on where i am.If im at home i constantly check out things on the net but when im away the urge disappears.
    The Internet is a very fine thing to have but you can still live without it if needed

  2. I would die if I don't have the net. Take your time, I went down for a few days few weeks back XD. Hope everything is going well ^^

  3. i'll die without the net :p

  4. Do take good care, no need to rush either ^^
    I have gotten used to being without internet at times but, I do find that I like to check my mail a lot... as a result ^^;

  5. Agree with the rest. Take your time. For me, its ok if I don't have net access. But I cannot leave without my cellphone.

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  7. lol typo. i mean "without" please delete my previous comment thanks. my bad. ^^;

    life without the internet is tough. u will have so much free time u might not even know what to do with them. ^^;

  8. How does one live without internet!? It's madness! *runs around in circles*

  9. I had to endure it for a few days now due to the renovation.
    Well, the main point is, it will feel good to be back. ^^

  10. @ Blowfish:
    Although blogging does keep me close to the Internet more than before, I am ok without it as long as I am kept busy (and interested).

    @ zenical:
    It will be a tough start in a different location, but I hope things will go well.

    @ James:
    o_o what would you do if there's a sudden power outage?

    @ suki:
    Ah yes checking email is the first thing I would do every time I go on the Internet.

    @ lobotman:
    I don't use my mobile phone often, but it is very crucial whenever it comes to appointments or just checking up on status with my family.

    @ gordon:
    I find that ok if I am in Hong Kong, as I can keep myself busy doing something else, but as I am now in the UK it happens to be completely the other way round... >_<

    @ gndynames:
    It does feel a little empty, but I've managed to live without it, so can you!

    @ Optic:
    Welcome back! It does feel good to be back... Ah am I too attached to the Internet? :P


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