18 September 2008

figma Miku preordered

This wasn't in my plan originally but...


I've finally preordered figma Miku online orz

This is how I feel about online shops - temptations.

Now and then, I've read about how bloggers can't resist preordering more than they have anticipated. Meronpan and Lsio have expressed their feelings. To me, online shops can be pretty scary; you see one thing you like and you preorder it, then you see more goodies as you browse around more and you'd eventually go out of control (time to kiss your wallet goodbye). This is partly the reason why I haven't used it until now.

When the I first saw images of figma Hatsune Miku in Orange Horizon I wasn't planning to get one despite the high quality of the figure. Then, well, the temptation grows as I start to see more pictures of the figma, but I still resisted. Curiosity materialises into by the time figma Miku starts rolling into local shops in Hong Kong, and as soon as I saw the real product in my eyes I felt that I would like to have one in my collection. Unfortunately I've noticed that it suffered distribution problem like figma Fate, which I fell for so badly that I've spent a week to look for one without ripping myself a big time.

Got tired of the high prices and poor distribution of figma Miku in Hong Kong, so I've finally decided to preorder second release on Hobby Search. This is actually my first time doing purchases on an online shop rather than online auctions, so I'm kinda excited for this (or should I be so?).

It's definitely good news that Max Factory is giving Miku a second release. I'm surprised that there's still no news for possible re-release of Fate-chan despite the popularity.
Image via Hobby Search

I'm pretty sure that those who want a figma Miku would have preordered the first release and some would have even got it by now. But for those who have missed it (like me), don't miss the second chance while it's still available!


  1. haha, the miku love is big and it's hard resist.
    Mine one is still in transit but I wouldn't mind ordering a second one. ^^

  2. Miku's in local stores for my region, so I just have to debate on whether to pick her up or not...

  3. I would soooo order her if my current figure spending habits weren't draining my cash so bad...

    online shops are dangerous... beware! ^^;;

  4. Miku is going around 38 here(which is the normal price it should be) but somehow she got jacked up to 50! LOL. But those were just rumors which I have not confirm.. Either way I got mine preordered on Hobby Search.. just a matter of when I want to ship her XD. Congrats, it seems that you have made up your mind. Lol.

  5. I'm still trying to resist buying this Miku. Haha.

    A bigger problem is the new Teana figure by Alter. I really know nothing about Mahou Shoujo Lyrical, but the post and design has already caught my eye. >< Must resist the preorder button!

  6. Haha i guess everybody here knows how that feels.I have 8 figures on preorder for the next 3 months :/

    Its hard to resist.

    What is the second button saying?

  7. @blowfish - the button text is "Place in cart" and the speech bubble says, "Please click here" ^_^

  8. @ Optic:
    Indeed it's hard to resist, and I fell for it at the end. orz

    @ feidamu:
    I heard it's not cheap over there, is that true? But don't leave it 'til it's too late!

    @ meronpan:
    They are tempting and dangerous indeed! I'll try my best not to use it again in a short period of time >_<

    @ zenical:
    Wow so Miku's getting inflation in Singapore as well? They are currently selling at 300HKD (~55SGD) over here in Hong Kong!

    @ Orange:
    Ah I saw Teana on Hobby Search as well. Not on my list but the pose is pretty cool (and I like dual pistols)~ I've yet to watch the Nanoha series, but figma Fate has already stolen my heart >_< ...

    @ Blowfish:
    8 figures?? Wuhuhuh I can't handle such number, but I will be looking forward to see them from you!

    And yep meronpan has already given the answers for you before I did. Thanks meronpan!

  9. you made me laugh with the preorder pic ^^

    anyway i don't like figma's but i would like to buy her just to get the leek :p

    Miku is love (L)

  10. I loved the shopping cart picture, an accurate image displayingmany online buyers' thoughts!
    I'm still usure about Miku but, nice to read that you're keen on her ^^
    Buying online has a certain appeal but, in the end.. heading into an actual shop is better, imho.

  11. Sorry for the late replies; was busy for the last few days -_-

    @ James:
    I am glad that you like my little picture ^_^. Denying Miku love and the leek is futile! : P

    @ suki:
    I prefer visiting shops too, as I can see the actual product and buy it straight away. Some figures are either too expensive or not available in Hong Kong so for this very occaision I'm resorting to online shops -_-


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