10 September 2008

1/8 Max Factory Shana

It's not easy for me to find a Shana figure that suits my taste. I've always wanted a Shana in flaming hair with a cold tsuntsun look (before she meets the harem loser Sakai Yuuji).

After reading Valiant Ho's review and taking his recommendation I decided to go for the Max Factory one, but mine did not come in mint condition. Much thanks to the comments and suggestions I have been able to fix the arm successfully, and I am very pleased to see Shana holding the sword like that.

The 1/8 Max Factory Shakugan no Shana was released sometime in November 2007. It's pretty much sold out by early December so the only places left to search for are on online auctions, and they definitely don't come in cheap. The box size is normal for a figure, but it's already one of the biggest boxes I've owned so far! ^^;;

I haven't got any suitable backgrounds for this photoshoot, so for a change I've decided to give this Shana some sunlight instead.

Since I'm still new to figures, I didn't know that there's gonna be a lot of wrappings to remove when I first opened it. Is this due to the cast-off feature?

Her skirt is unbelievably short. So short that you don't really need to take much effort to "accidently" see her undergarment. This means that I took more effort than I've expected to try not to take an "accidental" shot. Quite ironic, isn't it?

The pendant is attached with malleable metal wires so you can position it in mid-air.

A very Shana look, as if she's saying "I'll cut you up into pieces in 3 seconds" o_o

While I know that there are people who prefer Shana with black hair, I like the flaming hair, and I personally think that the transparent hair is pretty well done.

That's some long and slim legs for an "o-chibi-chan".

The katana Nietono no Shana, where Shana gets her name from. I've made a comparison of it with that from Kotobukiya's Candy Bikini Shana (of the same scale). Max Factory one has silver accent on the grip and it's curvier, whereas Kotobukiya one has golden accent with a straighter, broader blade.

Last but not least, quite a lot of fans would know that this Shana figure is based on Noizi Itou's drawings from artbook KA-E-N, and Max Factory did make a very good job on this (including the fluttering skirt). I've used part of a wallscroll of the same image to try to imitate the scene. It's not too far off from the original art I hope?

Despite the scratches and flaws I got with my particular figure, it's still a worth the money as it's not easy to find one these days, and when I have the time I'll see whether there are ways to fix the scratches up (mainly on the hair).

Pictures are available via my photo album

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  1. Glad to see you fixed your Shana !

    Ps2 spotted on your pics :p

    And thanks for the link :)

  2. Operation Succesful!
    Im glad you could fix her with the hot water method!

    How long/how often did you bath her until eveyrthing was fixed?

  3. Grats on fixing Shana.
    The plastic are there to keep the plastic from rubbing against each other which will cause the paint to come off or leave marks :)

  4. I don't know who Shana is but this sure is one fiery figure! I'm loving the hair too. I think I can stare at this figure all day if it's in front of me :D

    and by the way, hope you don't mind I added you to my blogroll ^^;

  5. Ah, I just commented on your previous entry ^^;
    Glad to read that you've managed to sort her out, she's a great figure after all!

    Also, thank you for commenting on my blog, I really value your comments.
    Would you like to a do a blogroll add?

  6. @ James:
    No problem~ I'm glad that I can use everybody's photos as reference to fix my Shana.

    Hehe well spotted on the good ol' faithful~ It's actually one of the earliest models (SCPH-18000), and is possibly the longest surviving electronics I'm still using so far :o

    @ Blowfish:
    Thanks! Took me about half an hour as I had to test with different temperatures of water. Luckily there were no complications on the operation XD

    @ valho:
    Thanks for the info! So cast-offable figures do need extra care on packaging. Will need to find somewhere safe to display her.

    @ Z:
    Shana is the title character from Shakugan no Shana (i.e. Shana of Blazing Eyes). She's indeed a fiery characer and the figure really does reimitate her style very well! Her blazing eyes will keep you staring for a whole day long! XD

    No problem on the add~ I've blogrolled ya as well!

    @ suki:
    I really appreciate your kind concern. To be honest, I was really worried before knowing what to do, so I'm glad that the suggested hot water method works! Despite the problems I am still happy to own this Shana.

    And sure, let's blogroll each other!

  7. Nice work Buddy, glad to see things worked out a bit in the end!

  8. Congrats..! Good for you. Heh. Love the shots, hate the hair. The buyer should feel ashamed! T_T

  9. I'm happy her sword fits into her hand now. It's weird seeing her hair holding the sword upright. :s
    Anyway, this is still my favourite Shana out of every Shana fig. released. I love her to bits and her pose is awesome. ^^
    Nice pictures.
    Wanna share links? Already added urs. ^^

  10. @ Apt-1B:
    Thanks pal! It is a good feeling when you've managed to fix something~

    @ zenical:
    Haha you hate the hair? It's funny 'cause you own this Shana too ^^;;

    @ Optic:
    The hole in the hair can actually hold the sword pretty well without the hand. My sister finds it strange how the sword sticks out through the back of her hair ^^;; But yea this is definitely one of the most popular Shana figure out there~

    Btw thanks for the add! I've blogrolled you now~

  11. Thank you for the add ^^
    I'm happy to read that you're still pleased to have your Shana, would be a bit to know that you may not feel the same about her.
    Let's hope that all your future purchases are in good condition!

  12. @ suki:
    No problem~

    It's quite an effort to acquire this now-hard-to-get Shana despite the scratches, so I value my purchase as much as the time before it arrived.

    I really am gonna use Hobby Search for my future figure-related purchases. Only gunplas come readily available and cheap in Hong Kong :\

  13. Figurines are harder to get than Gunpla in most places, even in my country, Gunpla are easier to get tan figurines XD


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