10 July 2008

Guncannon Mass Production Type

PhotobucketInspired by 08th MS Team anime and the Wii game MS戦線0079 (MS Frontline 0079), I have bought a 1/144 HGUC Guncannon Mass Production Type as well as a Gundam Ground Type in a local hobby store few weeks ago to make up a mobile suit team based, and for a change I have decided to give them a jungle / woodland colour scheme rather than those used in their respective original animation (which are pretty flashy for war machines).

Well there isn't much; I have been procrastinating most of the time while stuck on how to use the Photoshop. After some simple fiddling, I've got the first draft done on the left. The blog readers in dannychoo.com seem to be quite happy with the concept. So I went ahead and materialised it.


I want to give it a heavier weapon rather than the 90mm machinegun which came with the kit. Knowing that the 08th MS Team GM Sniper (which I have bought in Japan last month) has a nice variety of weapons, I've decided to give the Guncannon a bazooka, and it fits nicely on the trigger hand. The second draft on the right is made after assembling the model. I might do some colouring on it in the future.

PhotobucketThe Guncannon itself is more or less assembled, but it still has a lot of red parts to paint over as I spray painted the entire runner instead of spraying individual pieces. Only the torso is okay and this is the only picture I have managed to pull off with my malfunctioned camera, which has more or less met the end of its service during the trip to Japan last month.

The Gundam Ground Type is gonna be next once I've finished the touchups on the Guncannon. I am still discussing with Ngee Khiong on the colour scheme and hopefully the plan will materialise smoothly.


  1. Excellent Q, The GunCannon looks great with the Bazooka.

    I think the color change is completely understandable. Fusion Works released a line of Ultimate Operation RX-79 Figures in a Sand Camo scheme. I still have mine un-opend.

  2. Oh I am not aware of the Fusion Works at all. Thanks for the info~ Btw you collect HCM-pro series right? I know that there are at least 3 RX-79 in that line. They look pretty good to me too.

    RX-79(G) with extra armour kit
    EZ-8 with extra armour kit (not shown)
    RX-79(G) in desert colour finish

  3. Dude, your pics are gone merr

  4. @ crazy sis:
    Thanks for the heads up, 姉さん. It looks like that Picspay is not working properly anymore so I will fix them up asap (by tomorrow night hopefully).


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