14 December 2010

GSC Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragon Statues

red eyes black dragon,blue eyes white dragon
Artwork for Blue Eyes White Dragon & Red Eyes Black Dragon, source unknown

Good Smile Company is scheduled to have statues of 2 signiture dragons from Yu-Gi-Oh! released in January 2011 (originally scheduled for December 2010): The Blue Eyes White Dragon & Red Eyes Black Dragon.

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Red Eyes Black Dragon

Both are scheduled to be released in January 2011, and are to be sold for a retail price for 60,000 Yen (tax included). Reservations for them are now closed on online shops such as Hobby Search and AmiAmi.

Definitely hefty prices for these statues. I know a few friends of mine who collect and play Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and they do spend a lot of money on purchasing cards. But even then the price tags of these two dragons will set them back even if they are/were big spenders ^^; Not to mention that the sizes (Blue Eyes ~45cm tall, Red Eyes ~30cm tall) and the material they are made of (polystone)!

For those who are curious what polystones are, Radiant from Radiant Dreamer has a nice description of it:
Polystone is a similar property to resin, but is even more brittle! It’s higher quality than resin because of the base materials it uses – mainly it uses minerals such as aluminum hydrate, as opposed to synthetic materials. It’s typically made for mass-produced statues, such as the Final Fantasy 7 polystone cold-casts. From what I can tell, it seems that polystone is the least restrictive. The edges and cuts seem the cleanest, and a fair amount of detail can be put into it. This may be why polystone is the material of choice for mass produced resin cast figures.

If dragons are too much for you or are not your cup of tea, Kotobukiya has pulled off with Dark Magician Girl there:

To be released in March 2011, retail price 6,800 Yen.

Dark Magician Girl is a popular and cute character even for a summoned 'monster'. Not surprisingly there are people who are pre-ordering this one unquestionably, or simply for nostalgia ^^

Images from Hobby Search


  1. That Dark Magician Girl is soooo tempting! But if I did get, then my parents and friends would look at me weird... >.> The dragons, while expensive, are so sweet looking.

  2. Don't worry Tom, you're not alone in feeling that way. I too thought of acquiring the Dark Magician Girl when I first saw it but similarly I'm worried about what my family might think of it. I also previously thought of getting Alter's Saber and Kos-Mos swimsuit edition but shelved the idea in the end. If you were to ask a girl to comment on how DMG look, I believed even they will find here cute.

    But looking at them as whole, I feel that these are great work of arts, given the effort in making these figures as close to the originals into 3D forms, as well as the intricate details put into them.

  3. @ Tom:
    The Dark Magician Girl is indeed very tempting~ Have you collected girl figures before? If not it's very understandable that your family and friends may look at you in a different way.

    The dragons would look good for display in any places, even for generic locations, but the price is definitely a bit too menacing for 'typical fans' to consider.

    @ Jacques:
    Collecting anime or game related figures can be a rather 'specific' hobby, and they are not exactly cheap too. Though as you said it's always great to see them materialised in 3D form, and even better if they're poseable (IMHO)!


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