7 December 2010

Away briefly

I will be away for a short trip to Seoul with my family. It's a fairly short trip, and I will be back on Sunday night, so you may not even notice that I am actually from home as the gap between my postings can be as long as that.

Oh and by the way if you have been curious on what the "anime" in the poster above is from, it's Robot Taekwon V, which is heavily influenced from the Japanese Mazinger Z and changed in some minor ways (e.g. it does taekwondo) to cater the local Korean kids.

Here's the opening of the Robot Taekwon V in case you are curious (watch out for sound volume though):


On the other hand, my apologies for not catching up on the blogroll or replying to comments; things have become busier in the past few weeks. In one way I'd rather like to enjoy a break back at home rather than going on a trip; maybe I just want more time for myself. Oh well, I hope I'd get to enjoy myself in Seoul.


  1. Hope you got to load up on some yummy pork bulgogi...

  2. @ bd77:

    @ oliver:
    Lots of bulgogi and bibimbap~ Food was indeed one of the highlights for the trip :)

  3. Taekwon V does indeed look like Mazinger Z! Just korean-flavored. Heck, even "Kabuto Kouji" has a korean look to him. That's pretty interesting ^^.

    Didn't get to wish you a safe trip so... welcome home! Got any awesome photos to share? :)

  4. @ Z:
    Taekwon V and Mazinger Z do look very similar, except for a few proportion differences. Animation-wise I heard the themes behind them were a bit different, at least that's what people who watched both had commented.

    I didn't take many photos in Seoul. Maybe some food but that's pretty much it I afraid ^^;

    @ gunpla:
    Not too much relaxing for this trip, but yes it's good to relax once in a while; taking breaks are essential!


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