13 April 2013

Nendoroid Sakura Miku review

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After talking about it back in last August, Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Sakura Miku has arrived safely las month! I opened it up for some time, but lacked the energy and motivation to take photos for quite some time as I had to recover from a medication disaster earlier. Without further ado, let's get the pink Miku reviewed!

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Nendoroid Sakura Miku was released in March 2013 as a web order from Good Smile Company web shop for 3900 Yen (shipping excluded). At first there was a bit of anxiety surrounding on its quality as Nendoroid Snow Miku Fluffy Coat version last year had a bit of a disaster, which did sap a bit of my confidence. It appears that some GSC staff did go and inspect the production of Sakura Miku , and the nendoroids are completed in advance of the shipment date. Well at least that means she comes in good time for sakura viewing (hanami) season!

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Here are the parts:

Nendoroid Sakura Miku, 2 extra faces, one extra head part for cherry decorations, sakura petal base, cushions, a pair of bent arms, a pair of bent legs, rice cake, sakura flower, and a standard nendoroid base with arm stand (not seen in photo).

 photo P4131885_zpsda1d984d.jpg
Front view of Sakura Miku
Very pink overall

 photo P4131886_zps8a8ea2ca.jpg
And the back view
The cherry ribbon at the back is a nice touch, though it can fall off a little easily while handling the nendoroid

 photo P4131887_zps1bf94078.jpg
As with the Snow Mikus, the twin tails of Sakura Miku has a nice gradation from painted from pearl pink to translucent pink, with sakura patterns here and there.

 photo P4131888_zps6cd3bd9d.jpg
First accessory: A sakura flower

 photo P4131890_zps905931a1.jpg
Next is the rice cake. It's stuck with the right hand, with a peg on one side of the cake to attach it on a left hand with a hole for it.

 photo P4131891_zps9c150a97.jpg
How to eat rice cake? Sit down some cushions, relax, and enjoy~ >‿‿< The cushions are made of 3 parts. The bottom two are the same with pegs and holes, so I think it's possible to stack multiple units if you happen to have more than one.  photo P4131898_zps33235f93.jpg
There are two different sets of headphones available for Sakura Miku: the original ones in grey, and the pink ones covered in sakura. Sakura Miku is by default wearing the sakura-covered headphones. Switching headphones requires you to switch the front hair piece too though.

 photo P4131893_zpsd773407f.jpg
And here is Sakura Miku with her standard earphones. Now she looks a lot more like a recoloured version of normal Nendoroid Hatsune Miku or even the first Snow Miku

 photo P4131895_zps66749e8f.jpg
There is an original base in the shape of sakura, which looks more like a fancy plate in a way. There are no holes for inserting arm stand, but it's a nice decoration nonetheless.

 photo P4131896_zps0d556202.jpg
Sakura Miku also comes with a crying face. I am not very creative on how it should be used, but it's here.

 photo P4131900_zpse71e1f23.jpg
Quick comparison with the first Nendoroid Snow Miku.

 photo P4131892_zps795fced2.jpg
I'll leave Sakura Miku and Shana eating their snacks in the mean time~

In many ways Sakura Miku is a repaint of the first Nendoroid Hatsune Miku and Snow Miku, but the extra cherries and the sakuras here and there are a nice touch overall with good quality (although a couple of parts are a tad loose for me). In other words, it's an interesting "seasonal" variation of Miku, whose nendoroids have a lot of versions out there already. Will this also gain annual variations like Snow Miku and Racing Queen Miku? I'm not so sure. Well, we'll see.


  1. One never have enough Miku (except the ones that could literally destroy one's wallet).

    Her squee-with-joy face is just... HNNNG~!

    1. The power of Miku is strong... I learned that even Ngee Khiong succumbs to her charm recently. XD

      Joyful Miku is definitely very lovely; makes you want to cuddle her! >‿‿<

  2. This Sakura Miku really has some nice touches. The QC is pretty well done on it too. I do enjoy all the extra fun parts and the happy eating faces it comes with. The make of clear parts is slowly becoming a standard thing for Miku Nendoroids which really make them stand out from other Nendoroids. If this does turn into an annual thing like the Snow Miku, it will really be an impact on the wallet (>.<)

    1. I remember seeing photos of nendoroid Sakura Miku in production from some GSC staff's twitter accounts in late 2012, which means Sakura Miku was made with much time in advance and with QA involved.

      The use of clear parts for Miku's twin tails is becoming common indeed, as the recent Racing Miku 2012 has them too. if Sakura Miku also becomes an annual thing then this can be dangerous for fans... ^^;

  3. Very kawaii figure of her and I am sure a sellout as well. Not enough deep pockets to collect Miku myself, but there are a few I would like to have.

    1. Even for a relatively minor variation, Sakura Miku is still very cute on her own. With so many Mikus out there, it can be hard not to have one or two in the wishlist, especially for the fans or those who simply like her designs!


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