27 February 2012

I can't get enough of Balls!

More RB-79! More Balls! These spherical "cannon fodders" with a cannon or two on their heads somehow really tickle my grunt unit interest~

Here comes 6 boxes of Gunpla from Premium Bandai online web shop. Together with my 10 Balls that I got earlier, that would make it a total of 19 Balls XD

HGUC 1/144 GM Kai (aka GM Type C) standard colour & Ball Type C, released in December 2011. Both appear in Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.

HGUC 1/144 Ball Type K & Ball Sharkmouth version, released in February 2012. Type K appears in the first episode of 08th MS Team, whereas Sharkmouth is from MS IGLOO.

It's a pity how more and more stuff are ending up becoming limited items these days. The MG 1/100 counterpart of all the stuff mentioned above are all normal releases, but the HGUC 1/144 ones are not. This way it's harder to get them and it's more expensive to acquire as they have to be ordered via proxy services if one is not a Japanese resident.

I did consider getting HGUC 1/144 GM II Desert version as seen in Gundam UC OVA episode 4, so that they will go together with my GM Command and my GM Kai of the same colours, but ended up not to do so.

Prepare for more Zer... I mean Ball Rush in the near future!


  1. You should paint each one with a different set of jaws :)

  2. I want some of these HG balls too!!

  3. Lol zergli.....opps i mean ball rushing haha!! can't wait for the mass ball rush photos when you complete the collection!

  4. I thought your blog got hacked by a pr0n site XD So... many... Balls... Group picture soon, I hope :D

  5. It balls with that huge month is just not right. I guess you really are having a 'ball' with these.

    Can't wait to see the full squadron!

  6. @ Nopy:
    Not sure whether I will implement this, but that's a nice idea. Perhaps each one with a bit of extra decorations :o

    @ LEon:
    I really want these Ball variations, but am disappointed how they ended up as web shop limited only. At least the worry has been put away for now.

    @ chubbybots:
    Haven't played StarCraft for some time but the rushes are very memorable. The 10-Ball rush photo took me some time to set up as I had to use up all available action stands I have. I wonder how I will pull off one with all 19 Balls available ^^;

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    Haha the ball joke can really get people thinking something else XD Will hopefully get around to build them soon!

    @ bluedrakon:
    You're giving me some scary imaginations there ^^; Nevertheless I hope to get them built soon!


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