22 June 2010

Back from Tokyo

I'm back! Was supposed to write this post up yesterday but had to rest from the trip. I did purchase some stuff, but it's not as "glorious" as some may expect (but you may know that already as I did say I don't spend as much compared to many others who have been to Tokyo for shopping hobby-related items.

First off: GFFN (Gundam Fix Figuaration Next Generation) ReZEL and GFF Zeta Plus. Note that this Zeta Plus is NOT the notorious GFFMC version that was released last year (which was expensive and quality was not up to fans' expectation).

Robot Damashii Union Flag Custom II (aka GN Flag) and SHCM-Pro 1/144 Gundam Exia DX. Both are roughly in the same scale so that'll be to mimic the final showdown as seen in the last episode of Gundam 00 Season 1.

Kansetsu Waza ball joints. These will be the spare joints for my figma in case a breakage really occurs. You can read this post to see how someone uses them to replace a broken joint.

MS IGLOO 2 OST - this special package comes with OST for the first MS IGLOO too.

Wave's 1/144 mobile crews and various gunpla spare parts bougt from Parts Paradise for modding. Gotta think about how I should tackle colouring these 12mm figures though ^^;

And finally, a white and a grey dolphin I got from Hakkeijima Sea Paradise. Now Kawaii (the blue dolphin on the right, the name meaning "cute") has some new siblings! The white one will be called Masshiro (literally "pure white"), while I am still deciding the name for the grey one - it will probably be Ginga (literally "silver river" which means "Milky Way" or galaxy).

Kawaii has made a few appearance on my blog before, but her last appearance must have been more than a year ago. Well at least this picture will keep Blowfish happy for now - he misses her and now we get triple the cuteness! (laughs)

And yep, no figures again, though I was tempted to get the limited GSC 1/8 Hatsune Miku CM version when I was there (and I didn't buy one probably due to the fact that I already have a SEGA one which I got very recently). So my purchase is pretty much Gundam only this time round, and mainly non-model stuff that got discontinued and I couldn't get my hands off because I was in the UK back then.

As for the trip itself, it was a nice week strolling around Tokyo. Due to the fact that a lot of the places I've been are actually revisits of the same places as last year I probably won't post up a lot of pictures or posts about the trip except for the new stuff / new places that I consider worth mentioning.

On the other hand, I did manage to attend Danny Choo's CGM Night last Friday (those who follow my twitter stuff may know about this already). While I didn't do much there (and had nothing to expect in the first place actually), it's still interesting for me to see what is going on at least. I will probably do a post on that first before covering other places I have been.

That's it for now. Will have to do quite a bit of catching up on blogs and comments. Hopefully I will be back on pace by the end of this week!


  1. Hooray! Kawaii and her cute siblings are so adoreable :D

  2. what about Gundam Cafe?? >_< Don't tell me you missed it T_T
    Also, name your grey dolphin: "Ore ga Gundamu~!" ^_^

  3. hisasiburi.. like the 1/144 mobile crew.. can use it for 1/100 scale also.. oh gosh.. gunpla spare parts.. can i order it online if i need it?. will that be expensive?

  4. Holy a Blue Zeta plus, too bad I missed out on this guy, and I havent checked HLJ if they still have it,damn it, you and your adorable dolphin trio^^;

    Love 7 and 11, my favorite in the MS igloo ost

  5. @ Blowfish:
    Hahaha I knew you would be the first one to comment! ^^; I know you really miss her, so I made her return a triple XD

    @ robostrike:
    I did go to Gundam Cafe, but there was still a long queue for it even at night. Only took some pictures outside and had a gunpla-yaki before I had to meet up with my family.

    "Ore ga Gandamu"... Need a V-fin though ^^;

    @ seven6398:
    Wave does have 1/100 scale version too so you can buy those instead. They cost about the same as the 1/144 ones but fewer figures I think. Hobby Search and HLJ have them - just search for "mobile staff" and you'll find it!

    As for spare gunpla parts I have no idea to be honest. Kinda wish there are more places that sell parts like that for replacement or for modding.

    @ GunStray:
    I didn't expect to see a blue GFF Zeta Plus on a shelf when I was in Akihabara. A great alternative to the GFFMC one I must say. HLJ still has it in stock as I am writing this. Buy one if you can! And haha my dolphin trio is sure adorable (was planning to buy one but ended up getting 2 this trip) ^^;

    Nice taste on the MS IGLOO OST~ Hard to pick a favourite for myself, but I really do like 8 when Ze'Gok deploys for the final time!

  6. Ooh, very nice! Looks like you scored some great stuff! I like that MS Staff set, that would make some great displays!

  7. @ Apt-1B:
    Thanks man! The MS Staff is definitely great for adding the atmosphere / diorama settings, but painting and placing these guys will sure be a challenge for me!


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