5 January 2010

Asia Game Show 2009

Asia Game Show was a video game convention held between 24th and 27th December last year (2009). It appears to be an annual convention held around Christmas every year, and recently Sony takes up the majority of it with PS3 as its main force.

robostrike, who went there a day after I did, did a two parter for this coverage.

Kids trying out Gran Turismo 5

If I recall correctly, there is always a car with a Gran Turismo decal on display every year.

New Castlevania game to be released on PS3 - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.
Apparently there are 3 Castlevania games released for each console so far. This means it is likely get 2 more Castlevania games on PS3 before it moves on to the next console.

Gran Turismo 5 promotional video

Prinny spotted

Sackboy from Little Big Planet (thanks zen for telling me its name)

Lots of FFXIII promotional pictures and stuff.

Cosplay that I am not familiar with

Huge Toro mascot hanging above the convention

Horse racing simulators. This kind of thing can now been seen in arcade game centres too.

A cosplay of Chii from Chobits. Thanks radiant dreamer for confirming this for me.

Stage events with some dancing competitions

A Lich King on a Frozen Throne! And this is a cosplay too!

World of Warcraft took up some space in this convention, and there's also a store of some kind for you to purchase things I think.

While it's common for photographers to take pictures of the models and cosplayers enthusiastically, this one-on-one point-blank phototaking is a bit blatant.

Naturally, having one guy taking pictures of a girl would draw more and more people in just like that

2/3 step ladders are not an uncommon sight in conventions like this and ACGHK.

Official Sony store selling PS3, PSP, and games.

Guys with huge chainsaws from upcoming PSP game God Eater. Thanks GunStray and robostrike for telling me

Various PS3 minigames from PSN.

Since FFXIII is highly anticipated by fans and other gamers, it's not surprising that there are more machines playing them than any other games.

Lost Planet 2, to be released in early 2010.

Gundam Senki (aka Gundam Battlefield Record 0081), already released

Winning Eleven, aka Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), is very popular in Hong Kong as people here are really into football.

People trying out various PSP games on these Christmas tree-shaped booths, with some just released like Gundam vs Gundam NEXT PLUS, and some not yet released like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

18+ Game section - pretty self-explanatory. The games in this section are shown below.

God of War III, to be released in March

Assassin's Creed II, already released

Rogue Warrior, already released

Heavy Rain, to be released in February. The style of gameplay is rather unusual, and it's like an interactive story to me.

Alien vs Predator, to be released in February. Oh and by the way, the guy on the last picture is soon to be left with just his head and his spine hanging down after I took this picture.

Looks like a Miku cosplay to me

Modern Warfare 2 on PC

Some 3D effects on trial, but it didn't seem to work too well for me when I tried the goggles on.

Overall, the whole convention isn't bad, and there are quite a lot of PS3 games for one to try out, including several unreleased ones. Again Sony takes up a huge part of the convention (Microsoft's XBOX 360 did not seem to take part here), and other areas, which focus more on online games, are less of my interest. But it's still not bad just to browse around the PS3 sections which are plentiful.

I did go to the one the year before too, but that was not worth mentioning. Again only the PS3 section was good to look around, but was not as big and the other areas are even less interesting. So it's good to see a significant improvement this time round, since I was about to give up going to this year's convention.

There will be one around this time next year too. If Asia Game Show keeps up the effort like this year, then there's still a chance for me to come back for it next time :o

P.S. Will be back to polish this post some time later.

Photo Album: Asia Game Show 2009


  1. Damn, Thats a Big gathering, and wished you had moar pics of the lich king. Tw the giant chainsaw sword are from Gad Eater http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzZquuSfDew&feature=player_embedded

  2. The artwork of the FFXIII looks wonderful, I would love to take it back home if I could. :D~

    The Prinny costume is cute too.

  3. Its interesting that you prefered to photograph the guys photographing the girl instead of the girl XD

    So what are the photographers using those ladders for?

  4. Great stuff! I am so looking forward to some of those games!

    That giant Prinny looks pretty darn awesome. DO WANT, DOOD!

    And yeah, that is Chii from Chobits. Pretty authentic!

  5. Ahh the good ol ladder + cameraman combo. I cant imagine how they can carry it around like that, must be pretty heavy.

    Looks like cosplaying as anime characters is still strong in the game convention. Was surprised to see Chii there.

    Guess the Wii is dying now? :3 Time to get a ps3!?

  6. *Sigh*..I wish I could make it to one of these...it looks awesome.

    ....or at least get my wife to dress up like Chobits while I play Gundam Senki in the den.

  7. Those two guys indeed are from God Eater... an easy cosplay if you ask me (wear civilian clothes and clutching in your hands an oversized sword). I guess there isn't as much action when you had the meet up compared to the last day when I was there. As long as you had fun, that's all that matters! ^_^

  8. @ GunStray:
    Thanks for the info! Yea I wish I could take more pictures of the lich king; he left soon after I took the picture ._.

    @ Jacques:
    Haha wouldn't we like a piece of the artwork? ^^;

    And yea Prinny sure is adorable~ My sister was loving it~ ^^

    @ Blowfish:
    Taking pictures of people taking pictures is something I do often in conventions ^^;

    What are those stairs for? To get a better vantage point for better view of the girls of course! (laughs)

    @ radiantdreamer:
    Getting the chance to play or even watch some gameplay of the unreleased games sure is great! And haha Prinny sure is awesome; he is a big favourite among the crowd (including my sister)~

    @ Asuka:
    I assume the ladders are made of aluminium, so they should be light enough to carry for the whole day.

    Yea was surprised to see Chii from Chobits. I even saw a C.C. too, but only managed to take a glimpse of her.

    Nintendo and Microsoft did not seem to sponsor the events, so that's why we did not see much Wii or XBOX 360 there. Me and my sister will get a PS3, but maybe later in the year.

    @ Apt-1B:
    "....or at least get my wife to dress up like Chobits while I play Gundam Senki in the den."

    I lol'ed hard there. I wish you luck on this one ^^;

    @ robostrike:
    Yea looks like that cosplaying as God Eater characters is quite feasible. Yea it appears that you have seen more stuff than me on the last day :o Nevertheless this year is much better than last year, and that's good enough for me already.

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