16 December 2008


It's a good feeling to be back home in Hong Kong. I am still recovering from the recent fatigue, so this will be a short post on what I've got on my hands so far :o

Bought a military shokugan from a shopkeeper I know for several years. For the curious ones this is a Me-262.

My little backlog of gunpla since August. I need to somehow convince myself not to buy any more gunpla until I've completed this lot... orz

Last but not least, my parcel has arrived! For a rare occaision I will have Kawaii the dolphin and 小魚魚 ("Siu Yu Yu" or little fish) the sunfish to unwrap it~

What could it be? I'll leave you to guess until the review is up~


  1. Your Dolphin is kawaii indeed ^_^

    Hohum...It looks like a figure box and if i remember right you dont buy scale figures...A figma?

    Doesnt it feel nice to be home again?One of the great things about getting home after a long period is that youll be able to notice certain things youll usually wouldnt

  2. Okaeri nasai~ It must be great to be home ^__^
    You have cute plushies, love your dolphin one.

    Lovely updates, I see you are a fellow Me-262 fan? Actually I love anything Messerschmitt XD

    Gundams are <3 But, no time to build them, I imagine XD
    It's be nice to see pics as you build them.

    Sadly, I can't seem to guess what fig you may have acquired.. but, I'll try:
    The red-haird Shana Figma?

  3. Also, the Siu Yu Yu is really cute! Are those regular plushies or mascot characters? ^_____^

  4. By any chance that dolphin from Ocean Park? :D
    Judging by the bottom colours, it's figma Miku. I know because I know my figmas. xD

  5. i had a feeling it's a figma since the box isn't very deep. figma master optic takes this to the next level and believes it to be a figma miku... which you posted about ordering a bit back... mystery solved? ^_^;

  6. I remember you said something about the figma miku.. so I agree with Optic on this! haha.

    Stop giving us cliffhangers =(. POST POST POST! XD

  7. Glad you can finally take it easy my friend.

    Now rest up and get going on those Gunpla kits! >_<

  8. @ ALL:
    It is indeed a figma Miku!

    @ Blowfish:
    Thanks. I am sure Kawaii will be happy to hear this~ (laughs)

    Very good observation on the fact that I don't buy much scaled figures (to be exact two different Shana). I wonder whether I will break the rule in the near future?

    @ suki:
    I did get a Me-262 from another shokugan series before, but it kinda got shattered due to an unexpected accident a while ago... -_-

    figma Shana is not out until 20th this month in Japan. I really can't wait for it to come in Hong Kong! >_<

    Kawaii and Siu Yu Yu are both plushies from Japanese aquarium souvenir shops.

    @ Optic:
    Well done! You're truly a figma master~ ^^

    I actually got this dolphin from Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama, but it seems like that it's in most aquarium souvenir shops as I saw one in Ikebukuro a year later o_o

    On the other hand, I do have a dolphin from Ocean Park ^^;;

    @ meronpan:
    Haha good memory and derivation there detective Meronpan~ ^^;

    @ zenical:
    lol I will I will. Gonna get Miku out now orz ;;;;;

    @ Apt-1B:
    I will try to finish them while being kept busy with my cousins ^^;;

  9. hong kong looks foggy these few days? ^^

  10. @ gordon:
    Sorry for the late reply orz

    Yea Hong Kong has been 'fogged up' recently indeed... ^^;; But it's getting clearer now~


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