23 December 2013

figma Snow Miku preview

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Max Factory recently announced figma Snow Miku!

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While Good Smile Company's nendoroid line has released Snow Miku annually since 2009, Max Factory's figma action figure line has not made such announcment until now. The design will be based on the very first Snow Miku (basically a colour swap of the original), with the sculpy based on figma Hatsune Miku 2.0 released last November.

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figma Snow Miku will feature 3 face expression parts. One is a smiling face looking to her left, while another is looking to her right, supposedly called the "singing face".

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The third expression will be one with a faint blush. She will also come with mufflers for her hands.

 photo o0530048712772237755_zpse4b07dad.jpg
Snow Miku will even come with a tiny snowman figure!

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And finally a pose based on Vocaloid's official artwork that Miku is first well known for.

figma Snow Miku will first be available in an event in Sapporo, where she can be acquired from exchanging tickets, which are required to be acquired from a lucky draw basis. She will also be available for sale in Wonder Festival 2014 Winter event, and finally on web order after both events are over (release date to be confirmed).

Hope I can get my hands on her sometime next year!

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  1. They seriously are out for the bucks as anyone would just have to get it for the Snowman - LOL.

    One thing that always bugs me as they have her in such kawaii poses. I can never, ever get them in that pose - *sign*


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