28 April 2013

Apply Weathering to Gunpla, Alternate Style

 photo DSCN4645aa_mini_zps59e5cefd.jpg
Image of weathered HGUC 1/144 GM Cold Climate Type from GEKI Plamo Blog

Weathering is a technique applied on military models to make them look more like they have been on a field, soaking up mud and dirt, as well as being worn down by combat and even battle damage. This also applies to other science fiction models, with Gundam models (Gunpla) also being no exception. While weathering is usually done with paint and brush, YouTube user buruvia takes on weathering with a different approach and perspective, if not an amusing one at least.


 photo Buruvia_Gunpla_0_zps62713bca.jpg
First, pick a Gunpla kit. Buruvia chose HGUC 1/144 GM for this very demonstration.

 photo Buruvia_Gunpla_1_zpsbcce6cc3.jpg
Build it up and apply panel lines.

 photo Buruvia_Gunpla_2_zpsecc858d5.jpg
Here is where the boys are different from the men - firecrackers.

 photo Buruvia_Gunpla_3_zps18625e60.jpg
Wrap up your model (victim?) with firecrackers...

 photo Buruvia_Gunpla_4_zps1275f95b.jpg
... And burn it! Burn it with fire!
Just make sure to extinguish the fire once the firecrackers have all blown up.

 photo Buruvia_Gunpla_5_zpse8f1ac94.jpg
The result. Sure, the shield and parts of the feet got blown off, but the weathering, or rather the battle damage effect, is pretty convincing, isn't it?~

So when in doubt, use explosives. Just don't make it an overkill though~ XD

But too bad firecrackers are banned in Hong Kong... Or else I would love to try it myself too... T_T

YouTube video via Gundam Guy


  1. I was pretty surprised on how well this turned out, I would have thought it would get blown into pieces XD

    1. I too at first thought this might end in tears, but it works surprisingly well. The Ai Senshi song in the background makes it really funny to watch too lol~

  2. Wow, that's... genius! Why try to imitate battle damage when you can have real battle damage.

    1. Great for those who aren't so artistic or good with brushes, but just as effective!


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