2 February 2010

Nendoroid Snow Miku preview

Review available here!

Despite my lack of activity and lack of interest towards most of the recent figure hypes recently, there is one that raises my brows, which I haven't done so for a while - the Nendoroid Snow Miku from Good Smile Company.

Nendoroid Snow Miku is a a recoloured version of the normal Nendoroid Hatsune Miku. Being a limited item, it will first be available in the upcoming 61st Sapporo Snow Festival (第61回さっぽろ雪まつり). It will also be available for pre-order on the web for a limited period of time. For more details consult the post on Wcloudx (kumo)'s blog.

Back view

Front view showing the outer side of the twin tail with the icy shade and the silver snowflake

Inner side of the twin tails seems to have a darker shade with blue snowflakes visible

Hachune Miku face is also included

Nendoroid Snow Miku and normal Nendoroid Hatsune Miku side by side

With "advertisers" like Mikatan (an employee from Good Smile Company), these pictures kinda sold me, and made me tempted to want to own one of this Miku. Whether I will be able to buy one of these is another thing to consider though.

Moeyo has their hands on the Nendoroid, so let's see how it looks like under ordainary lighting:

These pictures seem to be taken under normal lighting so they look less saturated and possibly more true to what we may see if we have the figure on our hands too. The only thing I want to say here is that the hair looks more shiny that I would have expected.

The twin tails appear to be quite shiny, especially in the innder side, and according to Moeyo they are made of clear material - sort of translucent I would think.

Hachune Snow Miku

Clear ice-like leek!

Again, for details on acquiring this Nendoiroid Snow Miku consult the post here from Wcloudx (kumo)'s blog.

*Sigh*, why have I fallen for another limited item again? Sure, it's just a recoloured figure, but the cool colours present here are tickling me. I do not have a normal Nendoriod Hatsune Miku, yet I wasn't planning to have another limited Nendoroid after the Shana Dengeki Daioh ver. (the one and only Nendoroid I have so far).

And talking of limited figures, there seems to be more of those last year (2009) compared to the previous years, especially from Good Smile Company and Max Factory. There are bloggers such as anonymous_object and Ninjovee who have expressed their thoughts regarding on this. Reading these posts reminds me of Bandai and how it releases new gunpla models with some recolouring or minor variations. But then again I can be a sucker of some sort into these kind of things, like how I have both the normal flaming hair and the limited black hair for figma Shana, or having both HG 1/144 Trans-Am Raiser and 00 Raiser + GN Sword III (same model but in different colours), and I am actually planning to buy the 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G, a variation with different equipment which is to be released this month, or moreover my bunch of German Panzer miniatures with different camouflage patterns and markings. Oh well I am digressing here a bit so I will just end it here for now.

Images from Mikatan's blog and Moeyo


  1. this was a want at first, but I think I've gotten over it. Probably because I already own a Miku nendoroid - and Race Queen Nedoroid is probably on its way soon too...

    I'm a sucker for LE releases too, but if I have to pay through the nose for it, I'd rather not. It's just too expensive, and no longer worth it.

    It bugs the hell out of me that many of us can't get these figures if we don't live in Japan.

  2. "It bugs the hell out of me that many of us can't get these figures if we don't live in Japan."

    T_T, damn limited. But winter Miku looks so cooler[pun] compared to regular Miku, the blue and white hair works wonderfully, and the blue leek!

  3. Already paid my order for TokyoHunter. I missed out on the petite one included with the cd but hell, I'm not this chance. :D

    I was also debating whether I want the WF mio and ritsu bundle as well but his asking price was 10000yen not including shipping which was a bit high in my books. I'm not crazy for them so it was okay.

    Oh, looks like I got side tracked. Let me end it by saying, u know u want it because if u didn't u wouldn't have taken the time to write about it. ;)

  4. Ah, to fall for a limited edition. Can get rather difficult, esp when a lot of what you want can be considered limited.
    I know how that feels. But I never got onto the miku bandwagon. Drossel either. I just don't get their popularity, much like I don't really understand what everyone sees in the moeblob phenomenon. Take nendo azunyan for example...

  5. @ radiantdreamer:
    Didn't know that you are getting the Race Queen Miku o_o

    I am currently looking for contacts to help me pre-order one in Hong Kong. If it is too expensive or too much of a hassle for me to acquire, then I will have to give it a pass.

    It's a pity that that a lot of the good stuff have ended up being limited items, which is quite a pain for overseas collectors who want them.

    @ GunStray:
    The Snow Miku's colour scheme really works well for me, and since I do not have a normal Nendoroid Miku, this one is making me leaning to want it. Too bad it's a limited item...

    @ AstrayP03 (Zhe):
    Me too!

    @ Optic:
    You've pre-ordered her already! :o

    "... u know u want it because if u didn't u wouldn't have taken the time to write about it"

    Touché, touché...

    @ gundamjehutykai:
    It wasn't my first time falling for something limited already...

    Liking something or not is like hit or miss I suppose, or see if that particular thing grows on you or not (Miku is the latter for me). I don't get some of the stuff either like Fireball Drossel or the popularity of K-On! Well, I suppose I am just not in the same channel as the people who like them. But overall while popuarity can be driven heavily by what is "mainstream" or not, personal preference and liking are still a big factor IMHO.

  6. The thing that I really love about the Miku is the detail of the snowflakes in her hair. I'm a sucker for detail lol. Even more detailed is the little snowflake on the collar of her coat xD. The gradiant in the hair is nice as well.

    I linked up with you just now, can you do the same with me? Thanks.

  7. I was suckered into wanting it too, it might just be a repaint but it's a very nicely done one. Unfortunately having been unable to acquire her for the few days that she was available now I'd have to resort to spending way more than I should via ebay or the likes, so I'll probably end up not getting her after all.

  8. for miku ^^ haha looks cute but I pas thinking nendo BRS more
    HG OO gundams I got fellow bloggers that have 5 HG OOs just for the weapons >_<
    somehow I thinking if bandai released gundam unicorn with beam gatling gun

  9. For a repaint, it sure was done up nice. She would do well here with all the snow we are getting

  10. I love the snowflake imprints in her hair. It's so cute.

    Anyway, Hachune Snow Miku... nice pun. ^ ^

  11. @ AS:
    Haha good eyes on the snowflake on the collar (though I've nearly mistaken it as a Bluetooth logo)! While I am more keen on the colour gradient along with the colour scheme, the snowflakes are some nice touch to this Miku too~

    Will add you to the blogroll shortly!

    @ Persocom:
    The problem with exclusives and limited items is that overseas collectors would have the hard way to acquire them if they really want them. I had to ask someone to help me pre-order one via a proxy service too.

    Since the deadline for the online pre-order is on 13th, you can still give proxy services like TokyoHunter a go I think (if you really want it).

    @ moemoekyun:
    I haven't gone into BRS yet so I am safe on that, along with most of the stuff showcased in the recent Wonfes 2010 Winter.

    Haha 5 1/144 00 Gundams are much more affordable than, say, the different variations of MG Strike Gundam for example ^^; But as long as one has a passion for a certain something then it's no big deal as long as he/she likes it.

    As for the Unicorn beam gattling guns, I know that the 1/100 GFFMC and Robot Damashii (Destroy Mode) will have them. Not so sure about the gunpla side though (MG version was a limited item anyway).

    @ Bluedrakon:
    Haha Snow Miku will sure be seasonal with the weather for some of us up north ^^; I do wish that chilly and gloomy weather will go away soon over where I am in the UK though... -_-

    @ Yi:
    The snowflakes are indeed a niec touch~

    A pun? I was literally saying what I saw (laughs)

  12. well i put my bet when bandai released ultimate pack that include oo gundam,o raiser,gn sword III,and 7 swords system :P if not released i am enough with my HG oo and o raiser only my next oo will be Q [ant]

  13. @ moemoekyun:
    You remind me that I still have the Hobby Japan exclusive XN Raiser kit to do too ^^;

    Haven't felt much about 00 Qan[T] yet (odd name I have to say), but I may change my view on it once I get to see it in action later this year.

  14. I think it would be more worthwhile to buy these limited figures IF they didn't already release the figure (in another colour variation) as a regular release.

    I think a recoloured version is okay if it actually looks good; but the recent Good Smile ones looks ugly (especially the ones where they made some changes to the figure's appearance.) This Miku looks good in the Mikatan photos but looks average in the moeyo ones.

  15. @ Tommy:
    Colour variations as limited item is not uncommon. This is done for various collectibles as well, including military miniatures.

    I guess the one from GSC you are talking about is the Saber Lily Golden Caliburn version? I didn't think much about it, but it did spark quite a few talks in several forums and blogs I have come across.

    The Miku pictures shown in moeyo are what Snow Miku will look like under ordinary and dull lightings, so I can understand why it looks rather average there, but having seen another review from a Japanese blog makes me assured that I actually want it and hence I've asked someone to help me pre-ordered one already (especially since I don't have a normal Nendoroid Miku).

  16. This photo caught my eye as I was scrolling thru' your blog.

    A good comparison you have provided there. It's really a big difference in their lighting and ours. She looks super cute in the snow setup, and rather normal in the other comparison photos.

    Being a limited item, the price... zzz... cost almost the same as a normal 1/6 figure. To buy or not to buy... My rational mind is still persuading and arguing.

    Thank you for the info.

  17. @ softz:
    Haha Snow Miku sure is eye catching~ With good lighting the figure can really stand out and look nice, which is seen in Mikatan's photos, while under normal and dull lighting I agree that it can look rather ordinary. And yes the pictures with the snow setup are the ones that sold me... orz

    The only reason why I actually went ahead and pre-ordered Snow Miku is because there is a proxy service shop in Hong Kong that is doing the offer with reasonable price, so I got someone to help me pre-order one.


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