19 September 2009

Anime I've watched in Japan

Back in the Tokyo trip last June, I did spend some of the nights watching anime on the hotel TV. Since all of them were in analog the quality wasn't stellar, which explains the quality of my photos. Other than Wolf & Spice that I've mentioned on my Nakano & Akihabaro post, the anime I've watched and mentioned here were on Thursday (18th) and Friday (19th) night (or rather Friday and Saturday morning).

So let's have a look at what random anime I've managed to flick onto my TV on those two nights ^^;

On Thursday night: Hakushaku to Yousei (伯爵と妖精), literally "Earl and Fairy", with a very feminine style of artwork - it's not surprising that this series is supposedly aimed for the girls. Apparently it's originally a light novel series, which is still ongoing.

Some anime series featuring battleships in CG - had no idea what this is nor did I manage to capture the title. Anyone who know what this is?

Final episode of Higashi no Eden (東のエデン), or Eden of the East. I heard it's really good, but I have no idea about it. All I know is that there are 2 movies coming sometime later for a more wrapped up conclusion.

Haruhi new (?) season. This is the first episode of the notorious Endless Eight arc actually, and most of us who have watched it at that time would probably have enjoyed it without knowing what was truly ahead of us.

Chrome Shelled Regios (鋼殻のレギオス) - I had no idea what the series was about, execpt there were monsters, which were fairly big.

Pandoras Heart, airing at the same time as Chrome Shelled Regios. No idea what it was about either.

Final episode of K-On! excluding the extra episode. Haven't got drawn into the hype at all, but at least the plot (if any) was easy to understand.

After K-On!, I had enough for the night. With Tsukiji fish market, Gundam in Odaiba, and Tokyo Tower all happened on the very same day before this, it was more than a tiring yet fruitful day for me.

Friday night: Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity, which is on its final episode too apparenrtly. The whole episode seemed rather confusing, but that could very well be the fact that I knew hardly anything about it in the first place.

Hayate no Gotoku!! (the two exclamation marks are there to show it's the second season by JC Staff, not my enthusiasm towards it as I haven't even started on the first season yet) featuring Hinagiku and Nagi - two of the most popular girls in the series so far

I admit that I know hardly anything about the series other than that it's supposed to be focused fairly heavily on parodies (especially true for the first season), but I find Hinagiku dressing similar to Lacus Clyne or Meer Campbell (from the Gundam SEED / Destiny series) singing A Cruel Angel's Thesis rather amusing ^^;

A guy falling for crossdressing maid Hayate is rather... o_O

Hayate x Hinagiku - is this what the majority of the fans wanted?

Basquash! was another series that I didn't pay much attention to, mainly due to the fact that I wasn't so into sports related media, and I was feeling a little drowsy after watching so much anime on TV -_- zzz...

I've always wondered why a lot of anime tend to air late at night, usually around midnight to 2-3am (other popular hours were the early mornings or late afternoons e.g. 8am or 5pm), and they usually come one after another like a chain. Was hoping that I would have the stamina to watch more but I was too tired to do so - might as well save up more energy for daytime anyway, but it was interesting to experience watching the anime series that we tend to watch subbed on air.


  1. Heheh, that's pretty cool! Sadly, I didn't really get to watch much anime while I was in Japan; I didnt know they aired so late >_<

  2. LOL, I haven't looked Haruhi 2 the same ever since...

    I need to start watching the first season of Hayate, since the first two episodes were pretty funny. ^^

    I didn't watched any anime when I went to Japan last year because I wasn't really into it yet. I was looking for Minami-ke stuff though. Saw their DVD on the shelves...picked it up...looked at the price tag that read "6,800 yen"!!

    No F-ing way!! For two episodes? No thanks.

  3. Though Im not certainif the timing is related to western time, but anime tends to be shown at after school hours, mostly the not so famous or watched ones.The good ones however are only shown in weekend nights.

    Sorry for the confusion -_-;

  4. I am so, so jealous. I would kill to actually watch anime in Japan... although I wouldn't understand much since I need subtitles.
    Is there any way of getting subtitles or captions on TVs in Japan?

    And Higashi no Eden IS great! ^^ A must see. It's only 11 eps so it's quick to watch.

  5. I don't think I will bother watching anime in Japan considering most are aired after midnight. Given the timeslot has not changed in years, I assume ppl are still up at the time to watch it.

    Other than that, I can't watch anime without subs because watching something I don't understand to me feels I didn't watch it at all.

  6. What?
    This crappy Picture quality cant be a result of analog TV.
    Our Analog TV looks a hundred times better!

    I hope you didnt spoiler yourself too much.Id definately check out Eden of the Easr.Was one of the few good series the last season

  7. @ Snark:
    They really ado air so late! I really don't think I have the stamina to do that night after night... -_-;;

    @ Tommy:
    I still haven't resumed watching Haruhi since then, well pretty much ^^;

    Anime DVDs sure are ridiculously expensive, and so are music CDs (e.g. OSTs). In fact, a lot of Japanese media-related stuff are more expensive than their Taiwan/Hong Kong licensed, localised reprinted versions. This makes me think: "Man, might as well buy them back home in Hong Kong..." @_@;;

    @ GunStray:
    It's common for anime series to be aired after school, but anime in Japan are aired early in the morning and late in night too - there are simply too many to watch!

    @ thetsundere:
    I have seen my sister watching a J-drama on a digital TV last year, which provided subtitles and captions, so I think that animes will have them too.

    Higashi no Eden is a must see? Interesting. Got quite a few in my backlog already, but I might add that in my to-watch list too.

    @ Optic:
    T'is not easy to watch anime without subs or good knowledge of Japanese, so I understand how you feel there.

    I don't mind watching the ones I like in raw, as long as it's not aired too late or have too many words in it. But I'll usually watch it again in sub just in case.

    @ Blowfish:
    Some hotels still use analog TVs of mediocre quality for some strange reasons, and this one was particularly mediocre unfortunately (screen keeps on flickering too) -_-;;

    I personally don't mind spoilers, and to be honest, I don't really have a real clue what's going on as I haven't watched any parts of it prior to the last episode. I still have a small backlog, so I'm not sure when I'll get to try this series out. However I agree that there are not a lot of really outstanding series recently.


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