9 June 2009

Japan Trip Confirmed


A very short post, but just to say that my trip with my family to Japan is confirmed - I will be in Tokyo from 13th to 20th of June.

While Akihabara and the 1:1 Gundam under construction completed in Odaiba will definitely be on my list, we are still planning where else we will go together as a group. My sister said that we will spend the first day in Yokohama, and they will also spend some time shopping in Shibuya and Harajuku (which can be an excuse for me to go to Akihabara by myself). For those who know other places worth visiting, please do let me know as suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  1. U Lucky son of a ...... xD

    Wow, sooner than I expected.
    Have fun dude. This is ur chance to get figmas at a very low price. ;)

  2. oooo that's so awesome! there's so much to see it's kinda hard to narrow it down...

    i forget, is this your first trip? if so, then there's even more ^^;

    like, there's not too much to it 'cept being up high, but going up tokyo tower is fun just to say you've done it

    there's the big meiji shrine if you like that sort of stuff, or the temple in asakusa is more lively with shops and eats

    if the weather is good, a day trip to kamakura & enoshima could be relaxing

    if it's your first time in akiba, you may want to budget more than a couple trips ^^; depends on how quick a shopper you are. i generally make at least 4-5 trips if time allows ^^;;

    again if you like shrines & temples, a day trip to nikko will give a lot to enjoy

    if you like ramen, you might want to stop by the shinyokohama ramen museum (near shinyokohama station)

    hmmm well that's all that comes to mind for now. at any rate, have a wonderful time!

  3. drop by Parts Paradise too if you need spare gunpla parts for repair or mod works.

    Recommended by Danny.

  4. @ Optic:
    Haha, but it also means less time to get prepared too (hey you got to go to Hong Kong and Beijing too!) ^^;

    I haven't got a new figma I want in my head atm, and I don't actually know what I want to buy right now so I will have to see when I get there.

    @ gordon:
    Ah almost forgot that! Thanks for reminding! ^^

    @ meronpan:
    *whispers quietly* this year will actually be my fourth time to Tokyo with my family... ^^;

    If weather is nice, a visit to Kamakura and Enoshima like you did sounds nice, but the weather forecast shows potential rain for the whole week, so I'm kinda worried but will get my sister to consider them.

    I've only managed to get the whole afternoon to visit the whole Akihabara for the past 3 years... Hope I will have more time to spend this time, but unlike many people in DC community I am not that much of a spender compared to them. :o

    Did consider Shinyokohama ramen museum last year but ran out of time, sounds like a good idea this time as Yokohama's gonna be our first stop this trip~

    Sounds good to me! Thanks for your recommendation!

    @ Jacques:
    Thanks! I did remember bumping into a huge shop that includes spare parts for gunpla last year (could be the same one as Danny mentioned). I think it's somewhere in Radio-kan but can't remember. Nevertheless I actually do need to check it out this year as I need some HG 1/144 parts to fix some up.

  5. congrats, I am sure you'll have fun and get some nice loot ^_^

  6. Wah me want to go to Japan too! T-T

    Hmm as for ideas where to go... Look for Haruhi's high school and the area surrounding it. At least that's where I want to go. And Soth's blog (link on my site) shows the places where Fate/stay night takes place! Hakone might be good too if you can get the map/pamphlet for Evangelion's Tokyo-3 ^^

  7. aaaa gomen ^^;;; too many blogs... i'm both behind and losing track of who's been and what not ^^;

    ooo yeah it is tsuyu now isn't it... that will definitely make outdoor day trips a lot more tricky. though i'm sure you'll have plenty to do regardless ^^

  8. Wow your lucky and I'm totally jealous but hey congratulations on the trip =3 Don't really know of any places since I haven't been to japan ^^ but Let me know how it goes and you better have a good time k :D

  9. @ valho:
    Thanks! Usually I am not much of a spender but hopefully I can find what I like this year too!

    @ Lightning Sabre:
    To be honest, who wouldn't? ^^;

    Ooh your ideas are surely interesting. I think I may not be able to go to them as I am not by myself, but will put them on my to-go list should I ever get to go there by myself or some friends with common interests~

    @ meronpan:
    Don't worry, it's not easy to keep up with so many people I admit ^^;

    Going to Japan in 梅雨 (tsuyu) season can be tricky indeed, but apparently tickets are cheaper in June compared to other months in the summer, so that's why we chose this month to go :o

    @ blueplains:
    Thanks! Will definitely share out what we have done when we return! You'd surely be more informed than never should you go to Japan in the future!

  10. wow.. thats nice.. i got no suggestion since i'm not from there or visit there before.. but.. remember to show us some nice picture..

  11. @ seven6398:
    Will try and take as many photos as possible, as long as my camera's battery doesn't die out on me too quickly!

  12. Lucky! I've been to Korea, Singapore, and other countries in Asia but never Japan!

    I will go there one day!

  13. @ Anthony:
    I haven't been to Korea, and my memory of Sinagapore is as good as none -_-;; Japan is one of the more expensive places to go though.

    I do look forward to the day you get to go to Japan!


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