6 December 2008

Chinese Gundam Ace Ceases Publication

The final issue: Gundam Ace 76
From Taiwan Kadokawa

In an unexpected movement, the Chinese localisation of the popular magazine Gundam Ace has ceased publication.

The full text of the announcement can be found here on Taiwan Kakokawa (台灣角川)'s website. A rough translation (by me) on the text is given below:
It is not the end, but another beginning!

Since 2002, Chinese ver. Gundam Ace has been serialising various Gundam manga, novels, article/reports/info, and has hosted or helped on various Gundam-related events, letting Taiwan's and Hong Kong's readers getting in touch with Gundam, and loving Gundam.

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of changes, and the financial problems has caused the publisher to face growing difficulty. We have to announce now, after publishing the latest issue, Gundam Ace will officially cease publication. And we hereby thank all the readers who have been supporting us up until now.

All these years, we have to thank all the mangaka, authors, illustration artists, SUNRISE, Kadokawa Shoten, and various related people for their help, and letting the magazines to maintain rich in content and variety. On the other hand, the hosted events and projects with support from Taiwan and Hong Kong kept the Gundam franchise active.

Gundam has nearly reached its 30-year anniverary. The fact that it has managed to reach worldwide and gained so much zealous support, we believe that it's because it is outstanding in every way, and having the ability to leave people a great impression, which is what makes it an unforgettable piece of media work. The various development thereafter has further made Gundam into one of the most valuable work there is out there.

Although the Chinese ver. of Gundam Ace has officially ceased publication, it will not damage the reputation of this classic. We hope we will continue spreading Gundam's charisma in Taiwan and Hong Kong in different methods or forms, including other publications (mangas and novels) and hosted activities.

Please continue to support Gundam.

Gundam spirit, forever living in our hearts!

The Chinese version of Gundam Ace is published by Kadokawa Media (Taiwan) Co Ltd, which is usually known as Taiwan Kakokawa (台灣角川), a subsidiary of Kadokawa Shoten. A lot of the manga series, including the Astrays, Lost War Chronicles, and the recent Gundam 00F, are serialised there.

It is a sad news not just for the Taiwanese and the Hongkongers, but also for the Gundam franchise in general. It is a pity that the notorious economical crisis this year has taken an effect here as well. Hope that it can make a return in the future.


  1. it's sad when one's favourite magazine cease publication. the local maxim ceased publication ceased publication this month due to poor readership.

  2. lol. sorry for the repeated words.

    i mean to say, our local sg maxim ceased publication this month due to poor readership.

  3. That is a shame. I guess these things happen though.

    Odd picture of Sayla. Is she crying or just sleeping?

  4. That sucks. Besides otaku mags, there are also plenty of other enthusiasts magazines ceasing publication thanks to readership and the economy.Let's hope they go back to publication when things get better ^^;

  5. @ gordon:
    I didn't realise that they had Maxim in Singapore o_o. But yea it's sad to see magazines we like going away.

    @ Apt-1B:
    I suppose nothing stays safe at this dire time of the year.

    I find that front cover pic strange too. I'd assume she's just sleeping, but I'm not sure.

    @ fudoushin:
    Internet can be a cause for low readership these days as we get info quicker this way. I do hope that they can make a return one day, hopefully when the economy's better at least.

  6. Ouchies ;_;
    That's not good! Sadly, there doesn't seem like much can be done about it for now though...

    I hope that things will be better in future and such a thing won't occur again ^^

  7. @ suki:
    Indeed there's not much can be done at such situation. What's more, I am still hearing more and more bad news relating to the recent economic crisis...

    But morning comes after the darkness of night. We should hopefully see things getting better soon or later.

  8. @ Q. Indeed! Things should clear up in future ^__^


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