20 July 2008

More info on Gundam 00 PS2 game


Following closely to the announcement of the new Gundam 00 game, Gunota Headlines has reported about in-game screenshots of Gundam Kyrios and Dynames from Famitsu.com.

Kyrios in Action Movie mode. It looks like that you have to hit the button at the right time (or follow a chain of commands correctly) to get max damage output. A common feature for many action/fighting games.

The GN shield is a notorious weapon for Kyrios in close combat, often used by "the other side" of its pilot. I wonder whether it will use its beam sabre?

Gundam Dynames about to launch a Action Movie move. No pictures available on how the actual sequence would look like.

The dual wielding GN pistols often remind me of Strike Noir gundam.

The official website of the game seems to be up, but there is no content other than the index page as of today.

As far as I know there has been a mixed response on this game. A number of people worried that this game will turn out to be any of the following:
  • Confusing controls like Gundam SEED: Never Ending Tomorrow
  • Simply an enhanced version of the NDS counterpart
  • A generic hack and slash game like the Musou series
  • Fan-oriented

  • I personally will like to see Gundam 00 in a VS series like the Renpou vs ZAFT II, but that perhaps isn't too far away as the latest one, Gundam vs Gundam, has the highest potential for such instalments.

    All images are from Famitsu.com.


    1. looks alrite. just too bad ps2 doesn't have nice graphics. oh well...are u gonna get it?

    2. I do hope that they will have slightly better graphics than the ones they have shown so far when the game is out. I may get the game if the reviews are positive enough, but I afraid I won't be able to play it until a much later time.


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